Los Cabos (often called simply "Cabo") is actually two different towns...Cabo San Lucas, and San Jose del Cabo, Mexico.

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'Art and Beer' in los cabos mexico


Along the highway from Cabo san Lucas to Todos Santos, at about the 69km marker, stands Art and Beer. This place is really a collection of small round stucco buildings and a few ramshackle palapas that would be easy to miss if you didn’t keep an eye peeled.

This very eclectic oasis is difficult to define. The walls are covered with paintings and sculptures all of which reflect the unique personalities of the owners Alfredo and Lourdes. There is a "hippie"-like atmosphere which is undeniable. Is it a bar that sells art or an art gallery disguised as a bar? Hard to say.

When I first stumbled across this place many years ago I sat under the large palapa-covered bar and watched as Lourdes prepared a drink the likes of which I had never seen. As she crafted this magnificent libation I ask her how long she had been there. She smiled and without hesitation said in a quiet tone: one thousand years! From that moment on we have been amigos!


Lourdes is not so much a bartender as she is an alchemist creating drinks that might be best described as a "meal in a glass". The Bloody Ceasars and Clamattos are brimming with shrimp, mussels, oysters, and scallops. Though I have had these countless times they are always different and always wonderful.


Certainly, as the name implies, they have a wonderful selection of Mexican beers as well as killer fruit drinks which are made from fresh fruit prepared before your eyes and they are a feast for the senses. Their Mango drink is the finest i have ever had. Tequila and other drinks are available but the real treat are Lourdes creations. Though there is no menu Alfredo will gladly fix you up with a platter of local fresh seafood. Awesome.


A narrow circular staircase leads to a rooftop palapa overlooking the Pacific where you can idle for hours watching the whales pass by and enjoying plates of the freshest mussels, oysters, and shrimp while sipping the beverage of your choice. It is a magical setting to say the least. The prices for most of the exotic drinks are around $6 usd and the seafood plates $6 to $9 usd.


This place reminds me of Baja Sur 30 years ago. Its laidback atmosphere is intoxicating. To say the Alfredo and Lourdes are eccentric and a bit weird would be an understatement but they are what they are and that is the Baja attitude which makes this my favorite hangout in Los Cabos.

When you are ready to depart Alfredo will send you off with a free beer "to go"! Only in Baja, you’ve got to love it! If you want to experience a genuine vestige of "old Baja" Art and Beer is not to be missed.




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