Edith's Restaurant in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
"...even though being in a formative stage is one of its most evident characteristics, the cuisine of the Baja peninsula dates back, to the 17th century, when the Mission of Loreto is fouunded in 1697. Agriculture and livestock breeding are introduced by the Jesuit missionaries, together with their people of reason -i.e., either Spaniards, Creoles or Hispanicized mestizos that came with them-, importing thus the eating habits culture of the period: olives, wheat, vineyards, fruit trees, garden vegetables, sheep, bovine cattle and pigs... the essentials for the simple delights of the roasts, stews, cured meats and sausages so pleasant to the european palate, but with the felicitous addenda of typically mestizo ingredients and dishes, for the foremen and soldiers also brought with them the culinary tradition of the New Spain: tortillas, beans, peppers, moles, sauces. And even though the new settlers were not characterized exclusively by their dedication to fishing (except for pearl oysters -to extinction), the extense coastline always offered its rich and varied fauna...
...since the native population practically disappeared especially in the southern part of the peninsula, its current population, over the last three centuries, has kept on arriving from different lands, with a gastronomic tradition that slowly, besides coexisting, has been assimilating to that of previous settlers...

...many have been the visitors to the peninsula: Spanish missionaries, English pirates, French miners, Italian vintners, Chinese merchants, Japanese fishermen, American mariners, Canadian developers, up to the current tourists. And all have left, some more and some less, a token of their tastes in food and certain peculiar ways of preparing it..."

-From the introduction of the forthcoming book: "The cuisine of the Baja peninsula", wirtten by Señora. Edith Jiménez - Smith, proprietress of Edith's restaurant.

-The cuisine of the Baja peninsula is the committement of Edith & her restaurant.

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